Meet Jennifer


Hello friends I’m Jennifer !

I am a wedding photographer based out here in Los Angeles, CA.  I would say most of my clients describe me as passionate, creative, energetic and understanding. I love building friendships with all my clients just as much as I love capturing all their beautiful smiles! Wedding Photography has a special place in my heart. I enjoy being able to document such a special moment in a couple’s lives and capture a keepsake of memories that will forever remain with them and future genertions. I have always been fascinated with love and how unique and special it could be. I began attending family/friend’s weddings at a young age and I still remember seeing how happy couples walked down that aisle! It filled me with such joy and hapiness seeing how in love they were, and like most of little girls at that age, hope to find my very own prince charming some day!

 I can truly say I still get this excited seeing couples glow with happiness on their special day, it never gets old!I love the outdoors and on my free time you will definitely find me on the beach exploring new caves, hiking, horseback riding, walking around tommorrow land at Disneyland, go kart racing, Atv-ing , and taking night time strolls on a full moon!! I love learning new things about our earth and our universe!

I’m inspired by the wonders and beauty of life itself!

I know how important it is for you to have memories to share with family for a lifetime and I would love to be the one to help you accomplish that!